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1 conqueror of Gaul and master of Italy (100-44 BC) [syn: Julius Caesar, Gaius Julius Caesar]
2 United States comedian who pioneered comdey television shows (born 1922) [syn: Sid Caesar, Sidney Caesar]

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Latin. Originally meant "head of hair".


  • Latin /ˈkaisar/
  • English (rhotic) /ˈsiːzər/
  • English (non-rhotic) /ˈsiːzə/

Proper noun

  1. An ancient Roman family name, notably that of Gaius Iulius Caesar
  2. A title of Roman emperors.
  3. The government; society; earthly powers.
    Render therefore unto Caesar the things that are Caesars; and unto God the things that are God's.

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ancient Roman family name


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Caesar or Cæsar may refer to the following:

Ancient Rome



Fictional characters

  • Caesar the Geezer, the professional name of Chris Ryder, a British radio personality.
  • Sir Digby Chicken-Caesar, a fictional character created by Mitchell and Webb
  • Caesar (Xena), a fictionalized depiction of the dictator Caesar in the television series Xena: Warrior Princess
  • Caesar (Planet of the Apes), the leader of the ape revolution in the Planet of the Apes film series
  • King Caesar, a monster in the Godzilla movies





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Dalai Lama, Holy Roman Emperor, Inca, Kaiser, Simon Legree, absolute monarch, absolute ruler, all-powerful ruler, ardri, arrogator, autarch, autocrat, bey, cacique, cham, commissar, czar, despot, dictator, disciplinarian, driver, duce, hard master, kaid, khan, martinet, mikado, negus, oligarch, oppressor, padishah, pendragon, pharaoh, rig, sachem, sagamore, shah, sheikh, shogun, slave driver, stickler, tenno, tycoon, tyrant, usurper, warlord
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